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 Actor. Writer. Creator.

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Laid-back. Witty. Badass.

Corinne Levy Home Photo

Born and raised on the south coast of New Jersey, Corinne is extremely proud to be a Jersey girl. Both dance and theatre became her life from the age of three and forever on. Dance competitions, theatre competitions, plays, and musicals all took up most of her life in high school. There was also a very short time when she attempted to play soccer. It became obvious that sports-ing was not in her genetic genes when her parents found her twirling on the soccer field in the middle of multiple games. 


After high school, Corinne attended Rider University as a theatre major for two years. When she discovered a new film school in LA, she decided to switch gears from Theatre to Film and TV.  She packed her bags and moved across the country on her own. Yeah, she had to be a freshman all over again, but man was it worth it.


Corinne now has a BFA in Acting for Film & TV from Hussian College In Studio (previously known as Studio School). She’s beyond excited to continue expanding her career as an artist and always ready for the wonderfully unpredictable journey ahead.


During her free time, you’ll catch her playing Mario Party (as Yoshi only), making people laugh, or frolicking around Disney World with Maleficent horns on her head.

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